Get The Most out of your Roku

Rk.Guide is a digital media brand that explores Roku channels and helps Roku users to discover new and exciting content among the thousands of existing channels, games, and apps on their Roku devices.

Rk.Guide Advanced Search Engine

Rk.Guide offers content segmentation according to a wide variety of categories such as New Roku channels, Roku channels by ranking, by categories, by developers, and much more with the help of our advanced Roku search engine.

Rk.Guide User Reviews

The feature we are most proud of is Channel User Reviews. We believe that authentic and honest user reviews are the best way to learn about the quality of the channels and the viewing experience. In addition, such reviews allow channel owners to receive feedback from their viewers. Compliments, bad reviews, special requests, and questions - all of these will surely allow channel owners to be attentive to their consumers and to improve the viewing experience.

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