Push your channel

Are you a Roku Developer or a channel owner? We are here for you.

Rk.Guide explores Roku channels and helps users to discover new and exciting features.
Our goal is to make Rk.Guide a place that connects channel owners with the Roku users.
We have created a developer page for you on Rk.Guide (just search your name on homepage). This page contains links to your channel pages. On your channel pages Roku users can share reviews and feedback about your channel, and to get channel updates from you.

If you're interested in pushing your channel, Rk.Guide can definitely help.
Unfortunately, we do not allow paid promotions. The good news is that there is a simple and easy way to help your channel to stand out and reach tons of potential Roku users.

Get featured on Rk.Guide Homepage and Rk.Guide social media

Follow one or more of these action items and be sure to tell us about it on: [email protected]

  1. Share your "Rk.Guide channel page" on your social networks. (search your channel name on Rk.Guide to find your channel page)
  2. Share with us new updates about your channel content, features etc.
  3. Share an "About Us" description for your developer page.
  4. Share your email to get users feedback and business collaborations proposals.
  5. Follow us on Facebook.

Once we review your inquiry, your channel will be featured on Rk.Guide Homepage, Rk.Guide social media and campaigns for a limited time according to our discretion. Of course, the more actions that are taken, the more the channels will be promoted.