• Release date : 07.09.2021
  • Developer by : VIBE STREAMS LLC
  • Categories : Movies & TV
  • Languages : English
  • Countries : United States
  • Roku Ranking : 1.2( 2,871 ranking)


Vibe Streams LLC
[email protected]

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  • Developer User Id:7d62e5e0-3804-11eb-809a-0242ac110004
  • Channel Id:f8cae65d1ad95ea3cca8214420d34829
  • Store Id:639278
  • Created Date:2021-09-06 00:52:14
  • Access Code:KXP5ZZQ
  • Channel Version Type:RDP


  • Anonymous 2022-07-16 18:34:19

    I have added the app and when I go to pick a movie to watch it won't load the movie to play. It just flashes the screen and shows the same screen as before you clicked on play.
    Can you tell me what is needed to be done to fix the app to get the movies to play.

  • Anonymous 2022-07-18 21:09:35

    Any good movies on there

  • Anonymous 2022-10-07 03:28:07

    Can't watch a movie and don't know why!

  • Anonymous 2022-10-10 00:23:23

    Has anyone on here received a response to your comments about how none of the movies will load and play? I am having the same issue and I have no clue what is supposed to be done to get it working. I can’t understand why the app would still be available to add if it doesn’t work correctly? Has anyone resolved the issue and figured out how to get it working and can help me out to get it in working condition? Thank you!

  • Anonymous 2022-11-13 06:22:11

    Doesn’t work for shit!!!!!! Why???? Don’t promote something that is a pos.

  • Anonymous 2022-12-10 04:07:57

    added app wont play anything ,ughhhhhhh

  • Anonymous 2022-12-11 09:35:04

    It will not play any of the movies

  • Anonymous 2022-12-14 02:50:18

    Channels will not load up

  • Anonymous 2022-12-24 16:54:41

    It doesn’t work, so why have it there?

  • Anonymous 2023-01-10 03:23:36

    POS won’t play just flashes the screen

  • Anonymous 2023-02-11 01:19:10

    BillSit app

  • Anonymous 2023-03-25 17:04:02

    We feel the exact same way this is a bullshit Channel, of course ANY type of entertainment coming from California is pure shit

  • Anonymous 2023-05-03 09:16:02

    Same story today. Added this and couldn't play anything. ROKU please remove from channel store.

    Could this be a scam to get ROKU pay info?

  • Anonymous 2023-07-03 22:52:18

    Same thing every one else is saying this channel doesn’t work. I’m finding reviews from years ago about the issues of this channel they really need to remove this. It’s useless

  • Anonymous 2023-07-22 04:51:55

    Absolutely seems like a scam pirate virus

  • Anonymous 2023-08-01 04:16:22

    Same as everyone else. Doesn’t work. Most likely it’s a scam to collect personal and billing info.

  • Anonymous 2023-08-07 01:31:38

    It is now August 2023, just discovered this channel, downloaded it watch Silence of the Lambs, and not playing, just stuck on the same screen. I see ot hasn’t been fixed yet! Annoying!!

  • Anonymous 2023-08-14 20:04:09

    I agree with "Anonymous2023-07-22 04:51:55 Absolutely seems like a scam pirate virus"
    I strongly believe its a Spyware.

  • Anonymous 2023-08-26 23:09:05

    Scam to grab private RoKu steaming data and information to sell to god knows who. Too bad Roku would allow this app to exist on their service. Apple would never allow this.

  • Anonymous 2023-10-29 00:30:57

  • Anonymous 2023-10-29 09:02:32

  • Anonymous 2023-11-13 11:58:56

    fuck this fucking channel. DELETE

  • Anonymous 2023-11-14 00:54:06

    Why dose this app even still exist if it won’t play any movies ? I reached out and having heard nothing

  • Anonymous 2023-12-01 13:06:16

    well, good for nothing..

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