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How do you prefer your ice-cream – one flavor at a time or all mixed? All right, this one was easy. And what about popcorn? See, sometimes you have to mix the flavors to enjoy a serving to the fullest. Salty popcorn, cheese popcorn, caramel popcorn – no matter what you pick to go your movies, this is a mix you haven’t even thought of before.
Why mixing is good? Because it adds extras to anything - extra colors to your food and recipes, extra vibes to your feelings and emotions, extra light to your dark days, and extra zeal to achieve your goals. We are true adepts of the mixing philosophy and try to bring it up to everything we do.
Take, FilMix, for starters. The idea behind this online channel is to carefully ‘mix and split’ the cine genres, so everyone finds the ideal concoction for themselves. Here you go – a good-looking bio-pic with a touch of romance and musical titled Till the Clouds Roll By. And if you got interested in horrors, grab this one with a splash of science-fiction, Track of the Moon Beast.
The craziest the mix is, the better. Here, at FilMix, we are convinced that a truly exciting experience starts where the limits fade away. Are you ready to upend the traditional cinema?
Full steam ahead, then! Or your drama with comedy vibes will be taken by somebody else!

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