FreeCell Solitaire

  • Release date : 29.06.2017
  • Developer by : KG Games
  • Categories : Games
  • Languages : English
  • Countries : United States, Canada, United Kingdom
  • Roku Ranking : 3.6( 1,910 ranking)

Classic FreeCell solitaire card game now available on Roku for free. 5 difficulty levels, high scores, and a weekly challenge will keep you entertained and challenged.

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FreeCell Solitaire
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  • Store Id:163695
  • Created Date:2017-06-25 22:57:47
  • Access Code:FreeCell
  • Channel Version Type:SDK


  • Anonymous 2024-02-11 03:59:24

    If you make a boo-boo, how do you go back and fix it I put cards up and there’s no way to fix it. Is there a return button or a backspace or last card back? This would really help.

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