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  • Release date : 09.10.2013
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  • Languages : English, Spanish, Portuguese, German
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  • Roku Ranking : 3.5( 88,560 ranking)

HappyKids, trusted by 16M+ Parents, streams safe videos for children of all age groups. There are 70,000+ Free Videos to choose from including the best family-friendly movies and shows like Cocomelon, Blippi, LEGO, Paw Patrol, Pup Tales, Peppa Pig, Sesame Street, Ninja Go, The Cat in the Hat, Care Bears, Shaun the Sheep, Sesame Street, Like Nastya, Baby Joy Joy, etc.

Celebrate the holiday season with us! Enjoy free streaming with trusted, family-friendly entertainment designed for kids of all ages. Our app offers safe and enjoyable content for your little ones. Dive into the festive spirit with our holiday and Christmas-themed activities & spread the joy!

Stream videos and shows, play games, and draw while enjoying songs and dancing to them! Install Now for unlimited entertainment that your kids can stream anytime, anywhere across all major platforms and devices including tablet and Mobile!

Start instant streaming so all the kids can:
- Enjoy rhymes, songs, stories, DIY, exercises, & more
- Explore HappyKids Original for the best content ever
- Easily resume and pick up from where they left

HappyKids is
- KidSAFE+ COPPA certified seal
- Winner of the Gold Award for Mom's Choice Awards 2022
- Winner of the National Parenting Product Awards(NAPPA) 2022
- Ranking among the top two free kids' channels on various Connected TVs

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HappyKids - Kids TV Shows and Movies
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