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iFood.tv has over 50000 Trustworthy FREE High Quality food videos and food shows for everyday cooking. Browse recipes by variety of cuisines, dishes, ingredients, specialties like healthy, vegan, diabetic, allergy-free and seasonal choices. Whether you want a tasty appetizer for your party, an easy main dish for your weeknight meal, yummy dessert for a playdate, no-fuss salad for your lunch or snack for a picnic, we have a recipe for you! From vegetarian, vegan, healthy, easy, quick, everyday, seasonal, and festive favorites, you will be spoilt for choice. With this handy app, you can whip up restaurant-quality meals at home. The best part is the app is free and you can stream anytime you want it. You can add it to the queue and watch it later, use the search function to see what you are exactly looking for, and even get information on ingredients on the information button.
Variety is the spice of life and our app perfectly captures it.Traverse through a delightful food journey, improve your cooking skills and satisfy your culinary curiosity. Choose from practical recipes by passionate foodies!

iFood.tv - Food Recipes and Cooking Shows
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