Movieland Tv

  • Release date : 17.05.2023
  • Developer by : Wajid Bux
  • Categories : Movies & TV
  • Languages : English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German
  • Countries : United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Brazil
  • Roku Ranking : 4.0( 359 ranking)

Movieland offers a break from your regular streaming routine. This channel provides Classic Movies from the golden age of Hollywood. Watch action, comedy, drama, horror, film noir, and documentary movies.

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Movieland Tv
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  • Developer User Id:023D4D78-EF84-4927-ABE6-AAC43DC347B1
  • Channel Id:002d450b19a2806fe2c5a97887bbf116
  • Store Id:710747
  • Created Date:2023-04-19 02:00:00
  • Access Code:V2VGMLC
  • Channel Version Type:RDP


  • Anonymous 2023-05-23 00:05:21

    Well, get some popcorn and watch the movie, too!

  • Anonymous 2023-07-16 04:56:31

    This page is obviously out of date, as it has been removed from Roku. Anyone paying attention to this page?

  • Anonymous 2023-08-03 04:32:51


    Why does it keep disappearing from Roku and then coming back and then going away and then coming back over and over

    Love the channel and watch all the time

    Please work out this glitch

  • Anonymous 2023-08-03 17:00:59

    Put the channel back

  • Anonymous 2023-08-10 23:38:46

    I agree put the channel back on it was wonderful

  • Anonymous 2023-08-10 23:45:42

    I knew Roku TV was too good to be true they take off one of the best channels

  • Anonymous 2023-08-10 23:57:47

    I miss movieland station. They have all my favorite movies! Please have it returned!

  • Anonymous 2023-08-14 19:12:54

  • Anonymous 2023-08-14 19:13:39

    Movieland is the best!!!! Please bring it back.

  • Anonymous 2023-08-16 06:20:03

    Best channel please stop removing it

  • Anonymous 2023-08-21 00:54:29

    Please put this channel back now!

  • Anonymous 2023-09-02 03:13:44

    This was the best channel on Roku- please put it back on!

  • Anonymous 2023-09-04 18:02:39

  • Anonymous 2023-09-05 21:30:24

  • Anonymous 2023-10-03 12:32:12

    I check this daily, please bring it back!!!

  • Anonymous 2023-10-20 14:09:13

    Love this channel please bring it back

  • Anonymous 2023-11-11 00:55:51

  • Anonymous 2023-12-27 15:49:35

    Movieland is by far my favorite source for movies. BUT...
    Why does it periodically disappear for weeks or months then reappear?
    Why, this time, is there no search feature? You have to sift through the various movie categories (comedy, action, adventure, war, Sci Fi, etc.) until you find the specific film you want. AND many of the movies are listed under the wrong categories!
    PLEASE fix these issues!

  • Anonymous 2024-01-30 18:41:42

    The best movies ever made and an app that costs $1.50. Why do you think it disappears?

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