Kids Learning

  • Release date : 13.08.2020
  • Developer by : HRVST
  • Categories : Kids & Family
  • Languages : English
  • Countries : United States
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Kids Learning Videos began in 2010 when Steve, a young father in medical school, wanted to make fun videos his five children could enjoy. He made some simple alphabet and animals sounds videos, and the rest is history. Kids Learning Videos quickly found an audience of children who loved our bright colors, simple animations, and educational mission.

By 2013 the channel had blossomed into something bigger than Steve could have imagined, so he added Meg to the team. She specializes in video production and has one toddler who screen tests their content — if a video makes him dance, Meg considers it a success!

As parents, it can be difficult to sort through the millions of children's videos on YouTube, but in keeping a small management team, Kids Learning Videos is able to personally guarantee all our videos are the safe, fun, and high quality content your kids deserve. We've collaborated with artists all over the world to commission unique images, songs, and animations for children.

Above all, the Kids Learning Videos team loves making content for children. We hope the kids in your life will sing, dance, and learn along with our videos (and maybe it will get a few adult toes tapping, too)!

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Kids Learning
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