Toon Goggles

  • Release date : 23.07.2013
  • Developer by : Toon Goggles, Inc.
  • Categories : Kids & Family , Featured
  • Languages : English, German
  • Countries : United States, Canada, United Kingdom
  • Roku Ranking : 3.4( 5,295 ranking)

Toon Goggles has thousands of cartoons and live-action videos that are 100% Kid-Safe and parent friendly. We have content from your favorites including Talking Tom and Friends, Angry Birds, Om Nom, Gummy Bears, Roblox, Minecraft, and more. Toon Goggles brings a hybrid experience mixing in live channels that allow you to sit back or channel flip, or continue to explore our library of on-demand content. With all forms of content ranging from short form videos to feature films and everything in between, you can always find something to enjoy!

Once you open Toon Goggles, the fun starts right away with a video playing immediately via our default live linear channel! Users can continue to scroll through our video on-demand library, or enjoy our EPG guide where you can select from many different kids channels! With content updated consistently, and pop-up channels based around holidays and seasons throughout the year, there is always something new to discover.

Feel safe when your child is using Toon Goggles because our service is kidSAFE Certified, and strictly follows all COPPA rules and CARU guidelines.

Check out these great features:
-Parental controls so you can monitor your child's viewing.
-100% free to stream all content, and parents can choose to upgrade to a premium subscription if they prefer their child not to view ads.
-“Jump!” to a suggested episode with the touch of a button

Toon Goggles
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