Peeps TV

  • Release date : 05.12.2017
  • Developer by : Autism Media Channel LLC
  • Categories : Educational
  • Languages : English
  • Countries : United States, Canada, United Kingdom
  • Roku Ranking : 4.4( 301 ranking)

Welcome Peeps! Peeps TV is your channel. It's the people's channel. We've included the following subchannels:

Unseen Documentary Footage
Honest Doctors
Doctor Suzanne Humphries
Meet The Lawlers
Stories From The Road
Alli And Polly Tips
Finances and Autism
Polly's Place
Bella's Bakehouse

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Peeps TV
  • Developer User Id:FBDC4EE6-428B-4D5F-8953-A8170153DBEF
  • Channel Id:2a14527a29c24c40be062ab9cc69a12d
  • Store Id:196097
  • Created Date:2017-10-28 16:57:20
  • Access Code:PeepsTV
  • Channel Version Type:SDK


  • Anonymous 2023-06-29 21:49:45

    Peeps tv was an excellent channel...why is it no longer available on my roku?

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