The Autism Channel

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Autism diagnoses are skyrocketing; as many as one in 50 families may now be affected. The Autism Channel streams programming for those on the spectrum and their extended family and support system. There are programs for the families of those newly diagnosed and programs for adults living with autism, programs with exercise routines for kids on the spectrum, and programs discussing both the leading and alternative treatment modalities. The Autism Channel brings you programs that demonstrate autism is a worldwide concern, and programs that discuss what government and private organizations are doing to support the increasing demand for services. If it is about autism, chances are it is either already on The Autism Channel, or we're working on a program about it.Our mission statement:Just as autism is different in every individual, effective treatment varies for each individual. Our job at The Autism Channel is to help parents, caregivers, people on the spectrum and other members of the autism community to find what works for them.We strive to be agnostic about treatment options, support, advocacy organizations and causation theories. We seek to give our audience a wide range of choices so they can make an informed decision that is as unique as their individual situation.

The Autism Channel
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